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The first class is free so that your child may discover if he or she likes the classes. After that time there is a $109 dollar registration charge and only a monthly charge of 59 dollars a month with no contract.

All equipment is provided to all children. A1Boxing Kids Classes consist of boxing techniques that are taught by coaches that are registered through USA boxing. Safety is one of the most important things that we teach to all our students. The kids are taught a safety course on the first day of class.

The classes consist of warm ups exercise, calisthenics , running, jumping, obstacle course, working out on the bags, climbing ropes, abs workout.



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If you are wanting you child to get the full benefit of Boxing, they will need to get in the ring and spar. Sparring is 100% a choice. In order for your child to Spar, they will need a boxing book.

This book is 68.00 dollars a year. To Register your child for a boxing book go to After the registration is complete bring a copy of your receipt to

A1boxing and Give your paperwork to Glenn.   Children who choose to spar will spar with children that are the same height weight and age. Children wear head gear, mouth

guards, boxing cloves, and Cups.Children will not be allowed to box until a trainer is comfortable with letting your child step into the ring.

All sparring matches are supervised by trainer(s)



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Students will develop many important life building skills including discipline, respect, confidence, self-esteem, goal setting, patience, restraint, persistence, humility, honor and passion.

Along with developing these core values, students will learn how to "not sweat the small things" while having fun and the time of their life.

As we always say, "The family that works together trains together."


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