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Glenn moved to Colorado in 1968 after his father was transferred here from Germany. He was born in Fedville, North Carolina. Though he has never competed, Glenn has always had a passion for the sport of boxing in the forms of training and coaching. He is a Level One and Level Two Coach.

Glenn has owned the gym since August of 2005 and is also on the Board of Directors as a Coach’s representative for the State of Colorado. The gym has had high accomplishments in Golden Glove Competitions, houses fighter s of amateur and pro status as well as MMA fighters.

Glenn has a strong community influence. He is also the founder of Glenn Goodson’s Sports Community Organization.

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Bob is originally from Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. He has been in Colorado for about 25 years. He started coaching boxing when his daughter began training. He has also coached soccer, softball and hockey over the years.

Bob has been at A1 Boxing for 3 years. He specializes in the youth. He feels that “(he) learns from his boxers as much as they learn from him.”

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USA Boxing Coach , Kickboxing Martial Arts, Personal Training

Chino has been in Colorado for the last 12 years. He has been in the profession of boxing and Tae Kwon Do for 25 years. He is a USA boxing coach who is originally from Puerto Rico. He is a former Puerto Rican and US Olympic Champion in Tae Kwon Do.

Chino has been training and coaching for 15 years. He has many accolades with his fighters in A1 Boxing and will continue to do so. Chino has been instructing at A1 Boxing for the last three years.

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Chris is our heavyweight boxer who is originally from the “dirty south”, Louisiana. He has been local in Colorado for several years. Chris has always been an athlete. He excelled in basketball, football and track at John F. Kennedy High School and received a full athletic scholarship to Western State College with his basketball skills. Though he led a hard life, he eventually turned to boxing. Chris began his career near the age of 27 and had quickly progressed to the professional division by knocking out his first 3 opponents. He is a strong competitor as a heavyweight in the “Glamour Division.”

Chris has been training and coaching at A1 for 5 years. He now looks to lend his leadership and experience as a method to reach out to youth.

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Terry moved to Colorado from South Bend, Oregon. He has been involved in Karate since the age of 15. He later added wrestling and kickboxing to his repertoire.

Terry has been competing in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) since 2001. He currently holds a record of 4-1. Terry has been coaching since 2007 and has been working and training at A1 Boxing for the last three years.


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